We are happy to announce that the National School of Applied Sciences of Khouribga will hold the First Summer School on PDEs and Inverse Problems in conjunction with the International Conference on Mathematics & Data Science (ICMDS'20), in Khouribga, Morocco, on 1 and 2 July 2020.
The ICMDS'20 summer school is intended for a wide audience including early-carrer researchers, doctoral students, research engineers as well as other professionals interested in the state-of-the-art mathematical methods with a particular focus on the interface of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science.
Aiming to provide a positive and stimulating environment for its participants, the summer school empowers them to discover new trends in research and engineering and to discuss in details a number of specialised research topics with internationally renowned experts in their respective fields. The main goals of the summer event reside in exposing the participants to important mathematical concepts associated to computational complexity and algorithmic challenges, as well as ensuring that students and young researchers can benefit from a solid training in multiple aspects of Inverse problems, imaging sciences and related areas of uncertainty quantification and data assimilation.
This summer event is a central hub for several topics on PDEs and inverse problems including but not limited to: regularization methods for inverse problems, regularization of statistical inverse problems and applications, variational methods in image processing, hybrid inverse problems and applications, and Inverse spectral problems / Inverse problems with fractional derivatives etc.
The school program consists of a series of lectures that should give a comprehensive overview of currently active topics in PDEs and inverse problems. Numerous integrated and coherent presentations will be featured during the school days starting with ill-posedness and regularization, which leads to developing key ideas and tools for deterministic inversion via numerical optimization, and to elaborating formulations and solution methods for the modern Bayesian perspective building on several of the deterministic tools.
The number of available seats is limited due to capacity reasons, so we warmly invite prospective applicants to register their interest to attend by the 15th of May 2020. Registrations are open free of charge.
Registered applicants will be privileged during the selection process. Notifications of Acceptance will be sent by May 20th, 2020.

Speakers and titles

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